Is Linux better for coding?

According to Linux Foundation notes- the fundamental “building blocks” of Linux (GNU Linux, for purists) was to create a stable, less memory-consuming kernel and operating systems. Linux has managed to achieve their objectives much better than Windows.

For us beginners in coding this all seems like gibberish until entering online forums where the advantages of Linux OS seem to outweigh Windows OS. I think what puts new users off is the technical jargon and the user interface of Windows is more attractive. Like a human face, the more attractive someone seems the more we tend to trust them, subjectively speaking. Windows has spent a significant amount of time to market itself thus I feel people have become too used to its brand- like comparing McDonald’s to unattractive wholesome healthy foods.

Remember a t this point I am a rookie that uses Ubuntu predominantly. I also practice for my exams in CentOS. As I practice using Ubuntu OS my opinion is: Linux versus Windows is basically an experience like when children ignore vegetables for candy.