Last Topic: I don't feel welcome here anymore!

This morning I woke up to a notification see here: [FAQ - Ubuntu Women] which implied the opposite of Ubuntu’s principles of sharing, caring and inclusion. In Zulu our tribes say: umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu. Mark Shuttleworth, the owner of Canonical was born here in South Africa. He was inspired by the tribal collectivism- “I am because we are.”

I feel that the timing of these guidelines was aimed at me for being enthusiastic to post topics here while the site admins did not make any effort to welcome us new users or to write topics for us to enjoy reading. They did absolutely nothing to help these topics and promote Mark Shuttleworth’s hard work. I studied BSc at UCT also- he was a senior there. He was that student you would admire because he showed initiative and indeed look at this brilliant company he runs!
To say I am disappointed in the site admins is an euphemism. You were asleep since January and February and did nothing to encourage women to start using Ubuntu distros. Then I wake up in April to badly written guidelines?! You made me feel like I am unwelcome to write here. As a novice to the brand “I jumped on the steed and rode off” because nobody had bothered to guide us new users here. I felt obligated to promote Ubuntu Women because that is what Ubuntu means- sharing, caring, kindness and community here in Africa, at large.

Whoever runs this topics section of Ubuntu Women has been neglecting it and us new users of Ubuntu OS but they were very quick to jump in and send me guidelines too late in the writing process after I had already started. This is unprofessional of you all and you don’t revere Mark Shuttleworth’s intentions of sharing and caring for the world through Ubuntu. This doesn’t feel like “Ubuntu” at all, it feels like intolerance and racism- so I have changed my profile picture from a dark skinned Muslim women to a chat space logo.

Do your jobs or volunteerism better next year so that Ubuntu can reach its heights. Mark Shuttleworth is underrated already in the world especially in Africa. If you are no longer excited about Ubuntu then do not attack me from snide corners of admin for being excited about this brand. I love Ubuntu OS and I am NOT SORRY for inviting other women to try it out. You have failed to do so. Or maybe you feel African Muslim women should not be using Ubuntu?

Thank you site admins for not displaying “Ubuntu” sharing, caring, kindness and community to me. That was not Canonicals’ intentions but I don’t feel comfortable with toxic words in guidelines. You need to work on your command of the English language and sound more friendlier next year! Canonical should replace you with Zulu women who know what “ubuntu” means here in Africa!