I am a sys admin at a small ISP. Basically I keep our servers up and our clients happy, whatever it takes. This involves working with tech support, handling security issues, upgrades, patches, etc., acquisitions and procurement, and the judicious application of duct tape :) At work, I use server-level Linux, particularly CentOS, RedHat, and WhiteBox. At home, I'm all about ubuntu!

I was recently thrust into the additional role of CEO, mostly 'cause no one else wanted it :)

I've used linux since 1994(ish) - Slackware 2.1, IIRC. I've since tried most every flavor since then (even Corel Linux, which no one used and was kinda sucky, but came with a cute penguin!) Since '94, I've been active in F/OSS with documentation, support, writing articles for online magazines geared both towards newbies and experienced users, and general outreach and support. I've really wanted to give more back to the Linux/FOSS community lately, so I've become more active, released more, and joined more communities. I just joined the Pennsylvania LoCo Team and am excited about getting more active with it!

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