This page contains the stories of Ubuntu Women members and how they got involved with Ubuntu and the Ubuntu community. If you have a story, please e-mail belkinsa at in order for them to post your story on this page. Or if you understand how to edit wiki pages, you can do it yourself.

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Svetlana Belkin (belkinsa)

From 2009, when I first started to use Ubuntu, I wanted to get involved with Ubuntu or the community. I started to try to give support over the IRC (internet relay chat) channel at #ubuntu, the Ubuntu Forums, and Ask Ubuntu. Most of the time I asked more questions than I have answered! Partly because I had computer issues on my first custom built computer with Ubuntu. Also, at the time (and still), I never worked with the technical stuff with programs.

During early 2010 to July 2013, life started to interfere with my involvement with Ubuntu. But that's partly true, I think my (what I thought) useless help in the IRC channel, because I was always apologizing for my try to help. But somewhere in late 2012, I had an idea for a game that based on the concept of Mario Party but using the concept of cards to create attacks against other players, defence against the attacks, and traps that activate when a player lands on that square.  I also had an idea for a LibreOffice plug-in for a note-taking (like CherryTree) in order to have a more powerful note taking program.

But these two ideas never left off of the ground because I saw the problem of how seek developers to help me develop the ideas.  Though, I have made my first step in the mission and it was to join the Ubuntu team, Ubuntu Women.  Ubuntu Women is a team that helps women to get into the Free and OpenSource Software (FOSS) world and to find jobs within better.  But when I joined the team, I found a even larger problem, which is that may women who want to join the team have a hard time to get involved with Ubuntu (and even the FOSS community).  This was in July 2013.  Shortly after, I think a week or two, I re-looked at the GetInvolved wiki page on the Ubuntu Women wiki and started to think how to improve that page.  So far, this is an on going project and most of my thoughts are echoed in this thread.

I also started to edit other Ubuntu Women wiki pages and most (to all) were small edits.  During this time, I started to learn how edit the MoinMoin wiki (the wiki engine that the Ubuntu and other team wikis run on) pages.  Two months after getting active in Ubuntu Women, I got myself into the Ubuntu Documentation team.  Most of my activity was in the mailing list of the team where my suggestions where those started discussions over how to structure the wiki better.  I also with another member (eagles0153875), became the wiki curator- where I work to find outdated pages and fix them.

The last team that I'm not as active as the other two is my state's (Ohio) LoCo Team.

I'm slowly getting a sense of a different type of community that I enjoy my time and hopefully, I can give a lot to the community.

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Elizabeth Krumbach Joseph (pleia2)

In the spring of 2005 I was exploring some alternatives to Debian on one of my laptops and came upon Ubuntu. I had been involved with Linux for about 3 years at that time, previously been working with Debian by contributing some packages and helping out the Debian Women team.

By 2006 I was helping out with my Local Community (LoCo) team in Pennsylvania and pitching in with the Ubuntu Women project.

Through the Ubuntu Women project I got a lot of exposure to many parts of the Ubuntu project as I worked with other women to find a place for them to contribute in the project. In 2007 I became an Ubuntu Member and in 2008 I was appointed to the Ubuntu Membership Board.

I was able to attend my first Ubuntu Developer Summit in Dallas in 2009 where I finally met many of my Ubuntu colleagues, this year also marked my election to the Ubuntu Community Council.

In early 2010 I moved to California and eventually became one of the leaders of the LoCo team there and continued to expand my involvement.

Today I continue to contribute to Ubuntu Women and my LoCo, as well as the Documentation, News and various projects within Xubuntu.

Silvia Bindelli (dolasilla)

After having used Ubuntu for a few years, around 2007 I started to get in touch with the Ubuntu Women group, but in the beginning my involvment didn't go much beyond some lurking.

In 2010, thanks to the Ubuntu Women network I met Flavia, an Italian woman very active in the Italian LoCo team. With her help I started to contribute to the group: in the beginning it was the Italian Newsletter, then came some talks, the creation of an Italian local equivalent of Ubuntu Women, then I started to contribute to the Italian web team.

Between 2012 and 2014 I've been a member of the Ubuntu Women Board.

Today, due to lack of time my involvment is mainly limited to the Italian LoCo team, in particular with the group taking care of the Italian Ubuntu web site, but I still didn't give up with the idea of starting to do something more!

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