Ubuntu Women Leadership Nomination For Penelope


I've been advocating for open source and Ubuntu for the past few years and have been actively involved in the community since November 2009. I have been an Ubuntu Member since February 2010.

Currently I am involved in:

I've been working in leadership roles since I was fairly young both in smaller situations such as school groups, all the way up to helping write and decide policy for an international NGO.

I'm also a women's college graduate and while there worked to get other students interested in open source, Linux, and computers in general (despite the fact that my degree was in English), including helping found a group for women interested in computing (which sadly died after I graduated).

I recently quit my day job, partially to concentrate more on open source and Ubuntu while I figure out my next adventure.

Future Goals for team

I want to see the Ubuntu Women team grow both in membership and activity.

Mentoring Program I want to see the mentoring program get used in an effective way and to help develop workable ways to track the success of the program. I'd like to see more mentors from within and outside Ubuntu Women and help figure out how we can best liase with other mentoring teams, both within Ubuntu and other women-based open source mentoring teams, to make it stronger.

Blog/Website I'm very excited about the work being done to update the website and create an Ubuntu Women blog. The website update is important to keep things current and easy for members and visitors to the site know what's going on. Having a blog will be an easier way of keeping team announcements coming from a consistent place. I'd also like to have the blog used to keep an update going out weekly or every two weeks on what's happening within the team. This could include things that have happened on the mailing list, IRC, and the forums as a way of bringing the multiple ways the team communicates into a single roundup in one place that is easy to find. It also will provide an easy way of updating the Ubuntu community of what Ubuntu Women has been doing.

Translations The translations team working on the Ubuntu Women website has been doing a wonderful job and I think it's important for their work to be encouraged and for more translators to be brought in to do more languages if at all possible. I'd like to look into what more Ubuntu Women can do to reach out to Ubuntu users who do not know English.

Outreach I'd like to see Ubuntu Women do more work with other groups. This includes groups within Ubuntu, such as maybe working with LoCo teams, but also liasing with other women in open source groups such as WoMoz (Women & Mozilla) as to create progress with acceptance of women in open source, pooling our resources is often a way to get good results for all involved.


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