Ubuntu Women Leadership Nomination For Melissa "elky" Draper


Future Goals for team

During the past release I've worked with Amber and have managed to achieved parts of the aims I set down in January.

I achieved the above through a series of competitions; firstly an International Women's Day story competition, and currently the team is running a World Play Day photo competition]]. Both competitions have had (both canonical and non-canonical) sponsorship support, have been well received and have gained significant exposure for the project.

I don't anticipate that there will be a repeat of this activity until first quarter next year, as we must now convert the attention in to involvement.

In relation to the above, the wiki revamp I initiated shortly before the appointment process in January has seen a surge of localisation activity thanks to the "Please translate this wiki!" section on the wiki's front page and the attention we received from the International Women's Day contest. There has been some translation mentoring within the Quebec LoCo as a result.

As well as furthering the mentoring overhaul to have coverage of a suitable variety of options such as documenation, development, marketing, I would like the next release to see a big push towards localising the Ubuntu Women project in to many more languages. So far the wiki translations for French and Italian sections have a substantial portion translated, and there is a start to Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. There is also recent news that an Italian Ubuntu Women's team has formed within the Italian LoCo! I want to see more of that and plan to help it happen. I would like to investigate setting up a localisation team with in the UW project.

I feel that the above has been successfully handled in the past release period. The #ubuntu-women channel has split off a special focus channel called #ubuntu-women-project for project-related discussion, and this allows project discussion to be logged whilst maintaining the option to socialise in relative privacy for those who need or want it.

The team identity revamp is also looking to be an exciting phase of activity with the potential for a new logo and plans for a massive overhaul of the team's website. This is an important undertaking that will allow us to blog events and document our achievements more transparently. I believe that with the website refresh there may be a place for a publicity team that would also bridge to groups like the Marketing team, UWN, etc.

To summarise


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