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Elizabeth Krumbach has been dabbling in Ubuntu since Warty, but has used and worked with Debian since 2002. Since becoming an Ubuntu Member on May 29th 2007 she has worked on a variety of projects, including US Teams, Pennsylvania LoCo California LoCo, Community Learning Project, Ubuntu Classroom, BeginnersTeam and Women. She is also a current member of the Ubuntu Americas Membership Board and in October 2009 was elected to the Community Council.

Now residing in San Francisco, she works full time as a Debian Systems Administrator at technology services provider LinuxForce based out of Upper Darby, Pennsylvania. She is also the former coordinator for Philadelphia area Linux Users Group (PLUG).

I have been an active member of the Ubuntu Women project since 2006 working on all portions of the project including: Holding foundership of IRC channel and maintaining the access list, launchpad admin, website admin, wiki admin, heading up monthly team reporting. Major projects within Ubuntu Women I have been involved with: Organizing our Full Circle Magazine Ubuntu Women series and new Interviews series, Mentoring program, Resources development, Courses and collaboration with Ubuntu Classroom, and have had the opportunity for in person presence at Ubuntu Developers Summits (Lucid and Maverick) regarding the project. I am currently working with a company to secure Ubuntu Women t-shirts for distribution during the Maverick cycle.

Future Goals for team

Website redevelopment: The main team website, ubuntu-women.org, has remained fairly static since it's creation in 2006, I am currently leading up the initiative to reach the following goals that have been outlined at meetings:

Mentoring program: Over the past several years our mentoring program has not been run strictly to the outlined procedures in our wiki, instead it's been a more informal method of connecting mentors and those seeking mentors, my vision in the next cycle is:

Finally, while these are short-term goals, I want to re-enforce the simple idea that the end goal for this team is us not needing to exist at all. Over just this past year I have seen a phenomenal spike in contributions from women in the community - not just number related to membership (outlined here), but I've found myself frequently working with other women in various parts of the project and I've seen women rise to leadership positions throughout the project (in the past year we now have a woman on: Community Council, LoCo Council, EMEA board). This is amazing progress! It is vital to see this trend continue, and I believe it will as we continue to support and encourage each other.


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