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I've been an Ubuntu user and advocate since 5.10, and was a accepted as an Ubuntu member on the 19th of May, 2009. I've been involved with Ubuntu Women for most of that time, as an IRC op and active channel participant, and as an occasional advice-giver on the mailing list. Elsewhere in Ubuntu I lurk a bit on the forums, #ubuntu-offtopic, and am helping get the Ubuntu Canada loco back off the ground after a long dormant period.

Outside of Ubuntu life, I'm an independent computer security consultant specializing in application security and malware research (which means I do keep a few copies of Windows around to run viruses on). I'm also slowly chipping away at an Honours Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Equity Studies at the University of Toronto.

I am one of the co-founders, the current President, and a Director at hacklab.to, Toronto's hackerspace. I do a lot of work around getting girls and young women involved in Computer Science and FOSS, both through a program called Gr8 Designs for Gr8 Girls and through informal mentoring work. I do a lot of public speaking, and have listed a bunch of them over on my site. I'm a ham radio operator as well; my callsign is VE3HYP.

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