Ubuntu Women Leadership Nomination For Melissa "elky" Draper


Future Goals for team

First and foremost, I plan to run initiatives to increase the visibility of the women who are already proudly within our midst, especially those who are regular users. We were all regular users once! By encouraging these women out from the cloud of invisibility by offering alternative ways to contribute their experiences, it will help to break down a major psychological barrier that still exists. Women are interested in their computers. Documenting their path to discovering Ubuntu is a great way to do this and I am already putting the framework together for these schemes.

Continuing to encourage the existing liasons between Ubuntu Women and the other Ubuntu Teams (Beginners Team, Developer groups, Marketing groups, etc) will provide a pathway for the regular users to follow if they so choose. Seeking to properly document and expand the mentor network within these and other community areas will expand the options of these women.

Most importantly, I intend to nurture a safe environment close to the core of the Ubuntu project for the women who need somewhere that their experiences can be discussed candidly and be acknowledged and be given the support to work through them, whilst making sure to encourage, document and build the confidence of those who have managed to grow beyond that need to fulfil their potential through horn-tooting and mentoring initiatives.

I don't believe in arbitrary numbers as goals, but to humour the exercise I nominate that attainment of the following is plausible within the short 6 month inaugural term:


Here others can offer testimonials in the following format:

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