Ubuntu Women Leadership Nomination For Penelope Stowe / Pendulum


I've been advocating for open source and Ubuntu for the past couple years, although have only recently become more formally involved.

Currently I am involved in:

I've been working in leadership roles since I was fairly young both in smaller situations such as school groups, all the way up to helping write and decide policy for an international NGO.

I'm also a women's college graduate and while there worked to get other students interested in open source, Linux, and computers in general (despite the fact that my degree was in English), including helping found a group for women interested in computing (which sadly died after I graduated).

My day job is in publishing, where I coordinate getting books physically printed as a production assistant.

Future Goals for team

The Ubuntu Women project is at a crossroad and working to define what it is. I want it to be a part of this and see it become a project that really supports women at all levels of involvement in the Ubuntu community along with bringing new women into the community. I see it as important that all the members of Ubuntu Women work together to reach this and that the members work to find some common ground, even when they cannot agree completely with each other. I want to see the project work more with other Ubuntu projects both by bringing the publicity of women in FOSS to other projects, but also bringing an awareness of other projects into Ubuntu Women as other places where women can be involved.

Within Ubuntu Women finding its place as a project, the IRC channel needs to find its place and the decision needs to be made about whether or not it will be logged and what, if anything, should be done with a second channel. I look forward to hearing everyone's opinion on this and working to find a compromise acceptable to all and which covers the needs of as many women as possible, although I accept that reaching complete consensus may be difficult or impossible.

I want to restart the mentoring program and really focus on having women mentor other women within different parts of Ubuntu. As it stands now there are only four mentors listed and 2 of them are male.

I want to start a monthly Ubuntu Women newsletter to go out on the mailing list as a way to both spark discussion on the list and keep it up to date with what is going on in other places in the project. This could include meeting minutes, information about what's been discussed recently on IRC, an overview of some recent posts on Planet Ubuntu Women, profiles of women in the project, and links to the archive of any important e-mails to the list.

I also want to work with the team to encourage the good work being done by Ubuntu Women and its members continued in the form of continuing interviews with women in FOSS and publicity. I'd like to see continued, as well, the research into quantifying how many women are involved and coming up with some definable goals for participation. We say that someday we want Ubuntu Women to no longer have to exist, but we need goals and milestones to be able to say when that day might come.


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