Ubuntu Women Leadership Nomination For Amber Graner


My experience in the F/LOSS and Ubuntu Communities steadily increased throughout 2009. Since February I have contributed – and plan to continue contributing – to the following areas of the community

People are not born with leadership skills – they are learned and mastered over time. I have been developing these skills for more than 20 years. My leadership skills started with military service in the US Army, where I served as an Intelligence Analyst and Intelligence Editor during the first Gulf War. After leaving the military, I started work in the hospitality industry, and my first year in that field was recognized with a leadership award. While in the hospitality industry, I served in many leadership roles, including Reservations Manager, Revenue Manager, Director of Operations, and General Manager. In the community service realm, I have helped organize team activities such as Relay for Life, worked for the National MS society organizing walks, helped organize blood drives for the American Red Cross, and organized numerous educational programs for various churches.

Future Goals for team

To help the Project become a cohesive, well-respected, highly productive team within the Ubuntu Community. I want to see the Ubuntu Women Project become a role model for women within the Ubuntu, Open Source, and the broader Technology Arena. We already have the Full Circle Magazine Interviews, but we can do much more. I would like to see meet-ups, dinners, Ubuntu Hours, and other team-building efforts at Linux events around the world.

I want to make sure that governance is documented, and this includes how the channel(s) operate. I think the Ubuntu Women Project/Team should work enthusiastically with other teams in the community, which will help increase visibility and encourage women in all areas of our Ubuntu community.

I want to help the team recognize the unique experiences, opinions, and skill sets contributed by its individual team members, and help it foster an environment of tolerance with a policy to agree to disagree on occasion, without letting the differences of opinions stall the efforts and goals of the team. By thoroughly documenting team goals, I plan to help the team focus on reaching them together, while setting the bar high for other contributors within the community.

I want to see Ubuntu Women focus on recruiting, supporting, encouraging and retaining women in the Ubuntu project, doing so by providing positive role models, mentoring, encouragement, and resources for women. I believe Ubuntu Women's political activism should be within the Ubuntu Project, and its work should be done mostly through encouragement and support, not through confrontational rhetoric


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