Sheri Sharp/rihanha

I am a student at University of Washington Bothell in Computing and Software Systems, so getting mail that refers to UW and UW (Ubuntu Women) occasionally throws me. =) Though I'm pursuing a degree in computing, my background is in administrative services in non-profit and education industries. In other words, I still have a LOT to learn.

I installed Ubuntu (Fiesty, I'll update to Gutsy shortly) on my laptop about 2 months ago. I've enjoyed it so far, and am happy to report that from a 'noob' perspective it has gone much better than expected. I haven't had the time to tinker with it that I would like, school and life these days just get in the way! However, my longer term goals are to become quite Linux savy. I would love to contribute actual code someday. Until that time, I'm happy to help out in other ways (i.e. spam killer) as time permits. I believe strongly in the power of community and feel I've found something special with the Open Source Community. Cheers.



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