This road map is for the project GetInvolved Wiki Page Improvement (GIWPI) project. This project aims to improve that wiki page in order to get more people to get involved with Ubuntu and the Ubuntu Women Project.

ToDo List

1. [belkinsa] Get outline done: DONE

2. [belkinsa] Post Outline: DONE

3. [All] Dicuss the plan/outline: DONE

4. [belkinsa] approve the plan: DONE

5. [belkinsa] Make the changes: DONE

6. [All] Get stories for WhatPeopleAreDoing Page up: DONE

Quiz ToDo List

1. [Dolasilla] Work out the martix: IN PROGESS

2. [All] Approve martix: IN PROGESS

3. [Dolasilla] Code the quiz: DONE?

4. [Dolasilla] Post it on GetInvolved page: TODO

5. [belkinsa] Work with Daniel Holbach to get the quiz up on community.ubuntu: TODO

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