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== Past Projects (and Retired) == == Past Projects ==

Start A New Project

  • {*} Ideas - Add your ideas on how the Ubuntu-Women group can increase the visibility and participation of women in the Ubuntu Community. These items may be incorporated into the RoadMap and the ToDo list

  • {*} ProjectIntro - Details about starting a new project with us

Current Projects (and Progress)

  • {*} ToDo - The Next Steps for each item on the RoadMap. If you are looking for a place to start contributing, please read this page. We are looking for volunteers of all time commitments and experience levels, both technical and non-technical

  • {*} WeShouldFix - Wiki pages that need fixing/updating!

  • {*} RoadMap - The overall vision for each of our projects

  • {*} Membership Tracking - Tracking and offering projections on the progress of increasing Women representation in the Ubuntu Members group.

  • {*} Languages - Translating the UW wiki for non-English speakers

  • {*} T-Shirts - Ideas for team T-Shirt designs

Ubuntu & Community Outreach

In addition to the projects and goals described above, Ubuntu Women are involved in the following community projects:

  • {*} FullCircleMagazine - UW publishes monthly articles in Full Circle Magazine, find out more about this initiative and how you can contribute.

  • {*} UDS - The Ubuntu Developer Summit is hosted twice annually, we're putting together documentation to make attendance seem less daunting including putting together UDS/Stories from other women who have attended

  • {*} Courses - More information about the Mentoring program and the Courses offered through the Ubuntu Classroom.

  • {*} UW_Circle - Act locally, get involved in your local women in linux/technology group

Past Projects

  • {*} International Women's Day - Initiatives for International Women's Day on March 8th

    • 2010: "How I Discovered Ubuntu" Stories
  • {*} World Play Day - Initiatives for World Play Day

    • 2012: Collection of photos of young girls (toddlers through to 12 years old) playing with -- and loving, and being encouraged to pursue -- Ubuntu
  • {*} Ada Lovelace Day - Initiatives for Ada Lovelace Day

    • 2011: Ubuntu Women Month of Making: Showcasing women "making" Ubuntu-related things


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