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Just like Ubuntu itself, the Ubuntu Women Project runs on a 6 month cycle. Each cycle we create a series of tasks that we wish to accomplish. These are tracked in Launchpad Blueprints here. See RoadMap for the most current blueprint.

These tasks can be technical or nontechnical, anything from writing to emails to testing to coding to design to art to (your idea here). We prefer that you post specific tasks you'd like done or projects you'd like people to start on.

Notes for project coordinator

We want to encourage accountability and personal connections between Ubuntu Women members, so all tasks and projects must have a project coordinator. Being a project coordinator means you're willing to take on ultimate responsibility for a task getting done - finding people, making sure they have the training and resources they need, encouraging and checking in with them once in a while, and so forth. The level of project coordination you're willing to provide can vary from "send them an email asking for updates every month" to "phone call every Tuesday to discuss the new graphics" - just make sure you set expectations at the beginning of a project!

Note that you don't necessarily need to know how to do a task when you start in order to be a project coordinator on it it. As long as you can find or contact appropriate resources for getting the job done - in other words, be a true manager to the people helping out. If you have something in mind but know someone else that might make a better project coordinator for it, you can ask them to coordinate the project or even co-coordinate with you.

The coordinators are tracked by taking ownership of a task in the blueprint, for instance:

[lyz] Put together project survey: TODO

In this blueprint item, Launchpad user "lyz" has listed herself as the coordinator for making sure the project survey gets completed.

How to start a project

If you have a project you'd like to coordinate, go ahead and post it to our mailing list for discussion.

If you see a project with a project coordinator you'd like to work for, email them a short proposal. Things you might include are your experience, what you have in mind for getting the task done, what kind of help you're looking for, and why you'd like to do this. If they accept, go ahead and get started!

Note: The best time to start projects is at the beginning of the 6 month cycle (typically April/May and October/November) so it can be added to our blueprint.

How to finish a project

If the task is completed, hurrah! Update the blueprint to mark the item as DONE like this:

[lyz] Put together project survey: DONE

And tell us about your great work!

If you're unable to finish a task, we understand. Please let your project coordinator or protege know so they can plan accordingly. If you are the coordinator, please remove the item from the blueprint and let us know (perhaps someone else wants to pick it up). If the item simply needs to be postponed until the next cycle you can use the syntax:

[lyz] Put together project survey: POSTPONED


If a project goes unclaimed or non-updated, toward the end of the cycle we may email you and ask whether you're planning to continue, and houseclean accordingly.

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