There are many women all over the world who use Ubuntu and/or contribute to the Ubuntu Community in a variety of ways. This page provides profiles of some of these women.

[ Alyssa Knox]

[:BarbaraSamson:Barbara Samson]

[ Catharina Bethlehem]

[ Cindy Trinidad]

[ Claudine Chionh]

[ Clytie Siddall]

[ Diane Gonzales]

[ Elaine Normandy]

[:ElizabethKrumbach:Elizabeth Krumbach]


[ Jane Silber]

[ Jane Weideman]

[ Judy Okite]

[ July Jiménez]

[ Linnéa Björk Timm]

[ Lucia Mazzoni]

[ Maria Soler]

[ Myriam Rita Schweingruber]

[ Rebecca Herber]

[ Rossana Lopez Tenderini]

[:svaksha: Vid Ayer]

[ Ursula A. Kallio]