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Who runs the Ubuntu Women Mentoring Program and how do I contact them?

The Mentoring program is a community effort with several volunteers. It is currently led by Michelle Hall.

To contact us regarding this program, you may:

Send an email to our mailing list (this is a publicly archived mailing list)

On IRC, join #ubuntu-women-project (officially pubilcly archived) or #ubuntu-women (not officially archived) on, where volunteers will be able to guide you. There may not be people monitoring this channel 24/7, so please be patient if nobody responds, or try the mailing list instead.

If you wish to reach out more privately, you may contact the Elected Leaders of the Ubuntu Women Project

How to begin?

For mentors

Please read our Mentoring page, this entire FAQ document and once comfortable with the framework of our program you may add yourself to our Mentors page, you will be contacted by a member of the Mentoring leadership team listed above.

For mentees

Contact the Mentoring leadership team detailed above, ask for a mentor on a specific topic in #ubuntu-women or ask on our mailing list. We may not be able to fulfill your request for a specific mentor immediately, but we will help point you in the right direction to get started!

What happens next?

Now it is up to you and your mentor to decide how to accomplish the task at hand.

If you have any problems with the mentoring program or with your mentor or mentee, you can contact us, and we will do our best to sort things out.

Other Notes

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