Ubuntu Women Mentoring Program

The Ubuntu Women Mentors program allows new Ubuntu contributors to work together with skilled contributors whose expertise span across areas like:

Our goal is to encourage women in Ubuntu to increase participation and contribute to tasks where they have limited experience and are willing to learn.

How does it work?

We maintain a list of active mentors and mentoring projects and pair up mentees with mentors in their field of interest. Please read this MentoringFAQ for more details.

Some example mentors their areas of interest


This list is not comprehensive of everyone who is available to help or all the areas in which we're able to help, it just serves as a general overview of opportunities available by people who have stepped forward to mentor.


IRC nick


Time Zone


Jerome Gotangco


Documentation, Edubuntu, bug triage (xorg, g-a-i, u-m).

Vincent Untz


Gnome desktop-related stuff (to develop ideas for the desktop, fixing some bugs, growing the desktop group, etc...)

Mackenzie Morgan


Packaging, bug triaging, bug fixing

Leigh Honeywell



Getting started with Ubuntu in general, Security, general sysadmin stuff, Python, bash and other shell scripting, Perl

Myriam Schweingruber



All things Kubuntu and KDE desktop, bug triaging, LoCo teams, support, IRC, mailing lists, forums, etc.

Amber Graner



Non-developer areas of contribution to the community, Events Planning, ubucons, Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter

Laura Czajkowski


Communication in Ubuntu - IRC, mailing lists, organising events, how to get involved in Ubuntu

Akkana Peck



Programming - especially Python, C, Javascript, Mozilla/Firefox, GIMP - bug fixing, writing, public speaking

Note: the gender field is completely optional, but has been included as some mentees (people being mentored) are more comfortable with a mentor of a particular gender.

Please do not contact any of the mentors with questions about Ubuntu user-related problems. For this purpose we already have a devoted community who help Ubuntu users.

Other Mentoring Program Activities

The Mentoring Program also sponsors the Ubuntu Women Courses, part of the Ubuntu Classroom.

Contact Us

Send an email to our mailing list (this is a publicly archived mailing list)

On IRC, join #ubuntu-women-project (officially pubilcly archived) or #ubuntu-women (not officially archived) on irc.freenode.net, where volunteers will be able to guide you. There may not be people monitoring this channel 24/7, so please be patient if nobody responds, or try the mailing list instead.

If you wish to reach out more privately, you may contact the Elected Leaders of the Ubuntu Women Project

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