Ubuntu Women Current Meeting Agenda

Ubuntu Women Project Meeting

Ubuntu Women Project Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 1800UTC

How to join meeting

Dates for the upcoming project meetings

Adding Items to Agenda

If you have an agenda item for the next meeting, please feel free to add it. If you add an agenda item and you have a personal Ubuntu wiki page, please sign you addition with @ SIG@ (With out the space between the @ and S). If you don't have an Ubuntu wiki page please add your irc nick or name and date you added it.

If there is an agenda item that you add, but can only attend one of the time slots for the meeting, please specify that on your addition to the agenda. Please use the following format:

Please note - that does not mean that the item will NOT be discussed during the other meeting time as all items placed on the agenda are for benefit and discussion of the whole project.



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