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   1 [18:04] <pleia2> #startmeeting
   2 [18:04] <pleia2> Agenda
   3 [18:04] <pleia2> #topic LeadershipElectionProcess deadline review
   4 [18:04] <pleia2>
   5 [18:04] <pleia2> so the next deadline is May 30th to have a couple folks selected to run the election, Cheri703 is one
   6 [18:05] <pleia2> can someone drop an email to the list to see if we can recruit someone else? :)
   7 [18:05] <belkinsa> I can.
   8 [18:05] <pleia2> #action belkinsa to email list to see recruit another election runner
   9 [18:05] <pleia2> we may still need to ask people directly, but I think it's good to ask on list first
  10 [18:05] <belkinsa> +1
  11 [18:06] <pleia2> the nominations period then goes from June 7th - July 5th, so that will begin before our next meeting
  12 [18:07] <pleia2> I think that's pretty much all we had to review on this
  13 [18:07] <pleia2> #topic vUDS prep, including new blueprint
  14 [18:08] <pleia2> so none of the vUDS resources have been updated yet, but the next one is June 10-12th
  15 [18:08] <pleia2> hopefully they'll send out the email for teams to create blueprints soon so we know the exact format they're looking for this time around
  16 [18:10] <pleia2> in the meantime, we can start putting ideas on our roadmap:
  17 [18:10] <pleia2> I can also send a mail to the list about this having been created
  18 [18:10] <belkinsa> I hope so, but couldn't a brainstorm blueprint work?
  19 [18:11] <pleia2> belkinsa: it needs to be added to a specific sprint and the format in a certain way - ie 0614-community-women or something, and we don't know what those are yet
  20 [18:11] <belkinsa> Oh.
  21 [18:11] <pleia2> so we can't create it until we know
  22 [18:12] <pleia2> #action pleia2 to email list about Utopic brainstorm wiki page
  23 [18:13] <pleia2> I think that's all I had for this topic
  24 [18:14] <pleia2> #topic Review of ProjectHarvest feedback and have it ready to be sent
  25 [18:14] <pleia2> belkinsa: all yours!
  26 [18:14] <belkinsa> Alrighty then.
  27 [18:15] <belkinsa> I have posted the summary of the feedback and I think we are ready to send it to Daniel.
  28 [18:15] <belkinsa> #link
  29 [18:16] <belkinsa> But before so, I would to know if it's worth to send the feedback.
  30 [18:16] <belkinsa> And have Harvest developed again.
  31 [18:17] <belkinsa> We have a +1 to sending it.
  32 [18:17] <pleia2> so based on feedback from Daniel, I don't think he or his team has a lot of interest in helping with this project aside from advertising that it's being worked on again, I think we'd need to do the lions share of development work
  33 [18:17] <belkinsa> Yeah, it seemed to be is pet project.
  34 [18:17]  * pleia2 nods
  35 [18:18] <belkinsa> But it would be nice if there was others to push it.
  36 [18:18] <pleia2> I guess the question is whether this should be developed, or use a 3rd party service like openhatch?
  37 [18:19] <belkinsa> Yeah.
  38 [18:20] <pleia2> to be honest, I'm not sure :)
  39 [18:20] <pleia2> looks like the only Ubuntu project participating in OpenHatch right now is testcases
  40 [18:21] <pleia2> which is actually a great one to be on there, writing testcases is important and not too hard
  41 [18:22] <belkinsa> Should we ask Daniel for his thoughts on this question?
  42 [18:22] <pleia2> yeah, and maybe also ask the list how many folks are interested in developing on it, I think it's a django app
  43 [18:22] <belkinsa> Sure.
  44 [18:22] <pleia2> if we have developers, it may be a worthwhile project
  45 [18:22] <pleia2> if not..
  46 [18:23] <belkinsa> I can take that item.
  47 [18:26] <belkinsa> Or the two, if the asking feedback from Daniel.
  48 [18:26] <pleia2> #action belkinsa to email dholbach and the list about developers for harvest (or should we just use openhatch)
  49 [18:26] <pleia2> thanks :)
  50 [18:27] <belkinsa> Not a problem.
  51 [18:27] <pleia2> #topic Any other business
  52 [18:28] <pleia2> that was all on our agenda, anyone have anything else?
  53 [18:28] <belkinsa> I'm all good.
  54 [18:31] <pleia2> alright, thanks belkinsa, Mikaela and Cheri703! :)
  55 [18:31] <pleia2> #endmeeting

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