Meeting opened by akgraner at 22:00

- OPEN ITEMS - UDS action items/blueprint --


- OPEN ITEMS - Quick Website update - pleia2


- pleia2 and elky to review community themes and send plan to list on what and how to implement

- OPEN ITEMS - Elections - --


rww to help akgraner with Condorcet Poll for elections

akgraner to give class on Condorcet during week of June 4th, 2010

- OPEN ITEMS - World Play Day announcement - Jono will announce the Community Winner, Jane's Pick, and the Random winner on May 28th, 2010 at 1100am Pacific/1800 UTC

akgraner to get link to jono's ustream cast and send to list

- Announcements - Ubuntu User Days -- Saturday, June 5th, 2010

- Open Discussion

Team members to look at and add stuff as necessary

- Next Meeting Date - June 10th, 1200UTC elky to chair

elky to chair - Next Meeting Date - June 10th, 1200UTC

Meeting closed at 22:54

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