Meeting opened by akgraner at 21:00

- Open Items

- MENTORING PROGRAM - Reviving the Mentoring program. Why? Ubuntu has many training programs and yet some folks forget that its sometimes harder to ask silly questions and learn with a room full of strangers on irc. Some points to consider:

blog about mentorship program

mentors and mentees talk about it/discuss it as well blog, mailing lists, irc etc

- Opportunistic Developer possibilities, I'd love to see some mentorship in some of the tools that are being pushed for app development (e.g., python, desktopcouch,pygtk, quickly, bazaar, ground control, etc.)

more female mentors

those willing to be mentors make sure you are listed on the mentors page

link ubuntu women project team members up with existing mentors in the community

clean up mentoring wiki pages - then roll out a campaign to communicate it to the community

Pendulum to drive efforts to clean up wiki's with guidance from team members

pleia2 to make sure the website reflects the wiki's when the wiki's are completed to team satisfaction

- INCREASING NUMBER OF WOMEN UBUNTU MEMBERS - Percentage targets for proportion of women Ubuntu Members to be discussed further

czajkowski to help AlanBell bell with updating ubuntu membership metrics

review and present this data at UDS - as a way to measure overall community change

akgraner to talk to community team about best ways to present metrics at UDS

- New Items

- UBUNTU WOMEN DAY - International Women's Day: Ubuntu Women's Day - Highlighting women within the Ubuntu Community

- Ubuntu Women Project to promote - and encourage community members to look at women with the Ubuntu Community as well

- Announcements

- SCaLE 8x -

- International Women's Day Competition Voting - ends march 7th, 2400UTC

- Reminder that Ubuntu Opportunistic Developer Week ongoing this week and ends on March 6th

- Events -

- meeting in two weeks - to start working on goals for Lucid, and see where the mentoring program stands

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