MootBot Notes from February 16, 2010 Meeting

<MootBot> Meeting started at 15:00. The chair is akgraner.
<MootBot> New Topic:  Announce IRC Channel Voting Results
<MootBot> New Topic:  Idea submissions for second IRC Channel
<MootBot> ACTION received:  akgraner to make decision on choosing and setting up new IRC channel
<MootBot> ACTION received:  akgraner  to set email list when the new channel is in place this week
<MootBot> New Topic:  International Women's Day Competition
<MootBot> New Topic:  review of what guidelines need to be written about the IRC channels (if any)
<MootBot> New Topic:  What Blueprint Items still need to be completed
<MootBot> Meeting finished at 16:04.
<MootBot> Logs available at

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