IRC Meeting Log for January 21, 2010 Meeting was held from 1900 - 2000 UTC times

[14:00] <akgraner> #startmeeting
[14:01] <akgraner> where did mootbot go?
[14:01] <pleia2> mootbot is dead for now, I'm afraid
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[14:01] <czajkowski> boooo
[14:01] <czajkowski> hiisssss
[14:01] <akgraner> oh well we'll just start without Mootbot then
[14:01] <akgraner> who's here for the meeting
[14:01] <Tm_T> o/
[14:01] <maco> o/
[14:01] <czajkowski> Me
[14:01] <Pendulum> o/
[14:02] <maco> czajkowski: shh raise your hand ;)
[14:02] * czajkowski raises her goofy hand
[14:02] <akgraner> here's the agenda for today's meeting
[14:02] * akk raises hand but has to leave partway through
[14:03] <akgraner> I know the agenda as IRC purpose listed first
[14:03] <akgraner> but if there are no objections I would like to talk about voting 1st
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[14:04] <akgraner> then get back to the purpose
[14:04] <maco> fine with me
[14:04] <akgraner> as you can see on the agenda I added Voting b/c I don't feel like we can call for a vote until we determine who votes
[14:05] <akgraner> meaning do all voting members of the project need to be in Launchpad
[14:05] <akgraner> some people use IRC, some mailing list, some forums not all use all 3 and not all all registered in LP
[14:05] <akgraner> so how to we make project team members are the ones voting
[14:05] <akgraner> make sense?
[14:05] <hypa7ia> and not just me with a script and TOR? :)
[14:06] <czajkowski> aye
[14:06] <issyl0> Hi!
[14:06] * hypa7ia grins
[14:06] <czajkowski> it does make sense,
[14:06] <akgraner> so I guess the question would be does the definitive list need to be Launchpad?
[14:06] <issyl0> hypa7ia: ha!
[14:06] <issyl0> Makes sense
[14:07] <czajkowski> I don't know
[14:07] <czajkowski> I've never seen this case before with voting
[14:07] <Pendulum> personally, I think it's easier to tell people to sign up for launchpad and make that the definitive list than try to find every single person involved in some way
[14:07] <czajkowski> ppl are told to come on line and vvote using mootbot, but akgraner has a valid point also
[14:07] <Pendulum> as long as we give them warning "you need to sign up to vote" I think it's reasonable
[14:07] <hypa7ia> yeah, the barrier to entry with LP is not exactly high
[14:07] <czajkowski> no, rather simple, sign up
[14:08] <czajkowski> it's possibly the easiest and most straight forward
[14:08] <issyl0> Pendulum: agreed
[14:08] <Tm_T> agreed, LP is simple and clean solution
[14:08] <akgraner> I would like to suggest that if there is a team member we know of who is not in LP let's help them
[14:08] <akgraner> is not I mean
[14:08] <Pendulum> I agree :)
[14:08] <akgraner> find out who and mentor them through the process
[14:08] <Pendulum> (that we should help those who need help signing up)
[14:08] <akgraner> Pendulum, yep
[14:09] <Tm_T> also, I see no reason, if wanted, why not to allow votes outside of LP team
[14:09] <jbicha> is it more effort to verify that everyone voting was registered in lp first?
[14:09] <Tm_T> but that's extra work
[14:09] <issyl0> Pendulum: yep
[14:09] <akgraner> The problem I want to prevent is making sure those with the best interest of the project are the ones voting
[14:09] <czajkowski> Tm_T: if that was the case we could jsut log in and use mootbot here and I think thats what folks dont want to see
[14:10] <akgraner> what about the people who can't make it to an IRC meeting but still want to vote
[14:10] <Tm_T> czajkowski: I know, that's why "if wanted"
[14:10] <akgraner> they need to be given the opportunity
[14:10] <Tm_T> akgraner: perhaps mail with their vote to somewhere, or similar
[14:10] <czajkowski> akgraner: yup, guess so
[14:11] <akgraner> Tm_T, LP allows people to vote over a set period of time
[14:11] <Tm_T> akgraner: ah, didn't know, thats nice (:
[14:11] <akgraner> is there any overwhelming objection to using LP?
[14:12] <akgraner> I'll send it to the list as well
[14:12] <akk> +1 launchpad
[14:12] <hypa7ia> yeah, i'd prefer to not complicate the LP-only solution with mootbot
[14:12] <Tm_T> +1 LP
[14:12] <hypa7ia> ALSO: this gives us a clearer way to do elections after Amber's term
[14:12] <issyl0> Yep, using LP seems sensible to me :)
[14:12] <hypa7ia> +1 LP
[14:12] <akgraner> hypa7ia, yes exactly my next pro to LP
[14:12] <akgraner> :-)
[14:13] <czajkowski> LP is the easiest solution
[14:13] <hypa7ia> since "who gets to vote" was the main reason for the CC appointing rather than us electing iirc
[14:13] <akgraner> so we have defined  the voting process
[14:13] <akgraner> :-0
[14:14] <akgraner> :-)
[14:14] <hypa7ia> that was easy :)
[14:14] <Tm_T> mmmm, do we need to define who can be team member? (thus can vote)
[14:14] <akgraner> nope
[14:14] <akgraner> it's an open team
[14:14] <Tm_T> roger, good (:
[14:15] <pleia2> btw, currently LP is an open team (anyone can join)
[14:15] <Tm_T> yes
[14:15] <pleia2> this may be fine, but I figured it was worth menitoning
[14:15] <czajkowski> pleia2: thanks
[14:15] <akgraner> so if everyone can keep their ears open for anyone needing help with LP and help them that would be awesome
[14:15] <issyl0> akgraner: sure
[14:15] <hypa7ia> we should explicitly offer such help to the list
[14:15] * pleia2 back to pile of Work work
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[14:16] <akgraner> ok back to IRC purpose
[14:16] <akgraner> sorry to switch it up
[14:16] <czajkowski> hypa7ia: aye on forums
[14:16] <akgraner> if you look at the agenda
[14:16] <hypa7ia> yeah, forums and mailing list czajkowski
[14:17] <akgraner> I asked Pendulum and czajkowski to summarize the options
[14:17] <czajkowski>
[14:17] <akgraner> nope I added it to the agenda page
[14:17] <akgraner> but all the other options are on the link czajkowski just posted
[14:17] <czajkowski> ah my bad
[14:17] <akgraner> czajkowski, can you go through the options pls
[14:18] <czajkowski> so can we go through the options presented on please
[14:18] <czajkowski> giving folks time to read the options
[14:19] <czajkowski> Option 1 - Social, Project, Technical, Advice on Issues Logged Option 1: Logged Single-Channel
[14:19] <czajkowski> thoughts ?
[14:19] <maco> <jbicha> is it more effort to verify that everyone voting was registered in lp first? <-- we can put the poll right on LP and say "only people who joined the team before $date can vote" which then prevents Digg users making mass accounts to throw the vote day-of
[14:19] <hypa7ia> i like option 2 (status quo)
[14:19] <czajkowski> maco: can we come back to that please
[14:19] <czajkowski> maco: gone to next topic
[14:19] <maco> czajkowski: sorry, catching up on scrollback and saw the question unanswered
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[14:20] <Pendulum> hypa7ia: we're not voting on options, just presenting the options to make sure we've got everything covered within these options
[14:20] <hypa7ia> ah yes
[14:20] <hypa7ia> there's some nuance that's not really clarified in option 3
[14:20] <Pendulum> and explain anything that isn't clear :)
[14:20] <czajkowski> 4 options out there, do we need to tweek them, clarify them
[14:20] <Pendulum> hypa7ia: what needs to be clarified?
[14:21] <hypa7ia> 3 seems to cover both the options of [a logged #u-w and separate unlogged #u-w-offtopic] as well as [#ubuntu-women (unlogged) and logged #u-w-project]
[14:22] <hypa7ia> wondering if we should split those out
[14:22] <maco> czajkowski: 4 options? i only see 1 - 3 listed on that wiki page
[14:23] <maco> czajkowski: nevermind
[14:23] <hypa7ia> maco:
[14:23] <akk> I agree with hypa7ia, those two options seems significantly different.
[14:23] <hypa7ia> :)
[14:23] <maco> there's table at the bottom
[14:23] <czajkowski> maco: there are 4 there.............
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[14:23] <maco> czajkowski: i was looking at woops
[14:24] <akgraner> I will fix the IRC purpose wiki after the meeting
[14:24] * svaksha looks at the agenda page, likes option3
[14:24] <czajkowski> hypa7ia: I'm a bit confused.
[14:24] <svaksha> me too
[14:24] <czajkowski> option 3 is 1 logged and 1 unlogged
[14:24] <maco> me three
[14:24] <Pendulum> so have option 3a)[a logged #u-w and separate unlogged #u-w-offtopic] and 3b)[#ubuntu-women (unlogged) and logged #u-w-project] (actually broken out so options are numbered 1-5)
[14:24] <czajkowski> project logged, social is not.
[14:25] <hypa7ia> what pendulum said
[14:25] <maco> i like 3b
[14:25] <svaksha> 3a
[14:25] <hypa7ia> czajkowski: it's not clear in #3 what the "project" channel is called
[14:25] <Pendulum> czajkowski: she's talking about how to some people might prefer the implementation to be broken out for that one between the 2 options
[14:25] <czajkowski> see i think if we dont start namking them
[14:25] <czajkowski> this would be easier
[14:25] <hypa7ia> that's fair
[14:25] <svaksha> #uw and #uw-project are too confusing
[14:26] <czajkowski> yes
[14:26] <czajkowski> so can we please
[14:26] <czajkowski> for the sake of me understanding
[14:26] <czajkowski> call one
[14:26] <czajkowski> social channel
[14:26] <czajkowski> and one project
[14:26] <akk> I feel very differently about the two option 3 suboptions ... I'm not sure if they're different enough that it would make a difference in voting.
[14:26] <czajkowski> and we can name them after this
[14:26] <svaksha> czajkowski: yes
[14:26] <czajkowski> svaksha: thank you
[14:26] <issyl0> czajkowski: yes
[14:26] <akk> But okay, consider them together.
[14:26] <hypa7ia> akk: i feel different about them too, but both are next to eachother in my ranking of the possiblities so it ends up being ok
[14:27] <akk> hypa7ia: Yeah, I think in the end that's probably true for me too (and neither one ranks #1 for me anyway).
[14:27] <maco> hypa7ia: ditto
[14:27] <hypa7ia> how are we making a decision on this anyway?
[14:27] <Pendulum> do we think there is anyone who would vote for 3a or 3b, but not vote for 3 as it stands now in case it ended up as the implementation they don't like?
[14:27] <akgraner> how about this, I started working on a survey last night...I can take all these options and send them to see what people are most in favor of (not a vote) just easier to see what people want and what everyone uses IRC for and what we  want out of it as a team.
[14:28] <svaksha> if we vote to have an unlogged channel it should explicitly be clear (in the channel name) that its social/nologs/OT/whatever
[14:28] <akgraner> and then publish the results
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[14:29] <hypa7ia> akgraner: i'm worried that a survey will get stacked by our mysterious "ubuntu-women is full of gossip" critics
[14:29] * jbicha1 (n=jeremy@ has joined #ubuntu-women
[14:29] <hypa7ia> who never seem to show up at meetings :/
[14:29] <akgraner> hypa7ia, :-)
[14:29] <svaksha> akgraner: if we prolong the discussion with another survey, its gonna be a bikeshed
[14:30] <hypa7ia> svaksha++
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[14:30] <akgraner> to me it seems that it's going the way of 2 channels
[14:30] * svaksha nods
[14:30] <akgraner> one logged
[14:30] <akgraner> one non logged
[14:30] <issyl0> akgraner: +
[14:31] <hypa7ia> i'd still prefer one unlogged channel
[14:32] <hypa7ia> in order, i'd like: 2, 3, 4, 1
[14:32] * Michelle_Qimo ( has joined #ubuntu-women
[14:32] <svaksha> hypa7ia: some have mentioned on the list too that they prefer it logged. we need to consider that too
[14:33] <Tm_T> I prefer one unlogged. but I'm ok if we need logged project channel
[14:33] <Michelle_Qimo> oof, did I miss the meeting?
[14:33] <hypa7ia> Michelle_Qimo: it's on now :)
[14:33] <svaksha> Michelle_Qimo: its still on
[14:33] <Michelle_Qimo> ah ok
[14:33] <hypa7ia> svaksha: i understand that, that's why i'm ok with option 3 :)
[14:33] <akgraner> how about a vote that would allow ranking
[14:33] <svaksha> we are discussing loggingor not
[14:33] <maco> akk: i like that
[14:33] <hypa7ia> svaksha: that i'm ok with it doesn't mean i prefer it though :)
[14:33] <akgraner> is everyone ok with the 4 options
[14:33] <Tm_T> akgraner: yes
[14:33] <maco> bah akgraner i mean
[14:33] * svaksha curses isp lag
[14:33] <hypa7ia> i think we should drop #1
[14:34] <hypa7ia> logged single channel is just bad
[14:34] <maco> agreed
[14:34] <akk> Is anybody for that?
[14:34] <IdleOne> drop option 1
[14:34] <svaksha> drop 1 and 2
[14:34] <maco> what we say usually has about as much worth as what #ubuntu-offtopic says :P
[14:34] <maco> and in the cases it doesnt....we're in a meeting!
[14:34] <Pendulum> personally, I want as many options as possible without it becoming unreasonable
[14:34] <hypa7ia> i mean there's a pretty clear consensus around #3
[14:34] <Michelle_Qimo> I agree that a logged single channel is not the best option
[14:34] <Pendulum> I actually like 1 best
[14:34] <Tm_T> would it harm if 1 is there as an option, it doesn't mean we need to choose it
[14:34] <svaksha> hypa7ia: yes
[14:34] <Pendulum> but I think 3 is most likely to fit most people
[14:35] <hypa7ia> i'm also fine with just going with 3 if everyone else agrees that there's a consensus
[14:35] <akgraner> with 3 there is 2 channels
[14:35] <axolote>  My vote is also for #3.
[14:35] <hypa7ia> Pendulum: if we went with 1 i'd just start a second unlogged channel :)
[14:35] <Pendulum> I just want to put out another reminder that we aren't really discussing which option is best, just if this covers the options that need to be covered
[14:35] <czajkowski> ONe option which seems to be missing is the one that was suggested at UDS  1 CHANNEL - LOGGED,  another seperate channel to be crated to allow for Issues that arrise that need to be aired privately, but that people wouldnt remain in 24/7
[14:35] <hypa7ia> czajkowski: isn't that #4?
[14:35] <Pendulum> czajkowski: I think across the board people didn't like it
[14:36] <hypa7ia> and yeah, i think it's a bad idea.
[14:36] <czajkowski> no
[14:36] <czajkowski> logs to be made availe to the CC if needed
[14:36] <czajkowski> fair enough though
[14:36] * issyl0 prefers one logged channel, the main one, and the social channel unlogged.
[14:36] <czajkowski> can we perhaps let all 4 options  to be voted
[14:36] <akk> That's a point -- is there no possibility of non-public logs?
[14:36] <svaksha> czajkowski: #4 suggests logging both. i am not sure i get that
[14:36] <akk> That wasn't in the option list.
[14:36] <czajkowski> and let people chose and rank them
[14:36] <hypa7ia> i don't think the CC needs the social channe's logs any more than they need logs for #ubuntu-offtopic
[14:37] <svaksha> heh
[14:37] <akgraner> so if LP does not allow ranking I will use LP email address to send polls to only those people
[14:37] <czajkowski> fine
[14:37] <hypa7ia> and realistically anyone can keep their own private logs and ask the partiipant's permissions if they need to share them
[14:37] <akgraner> and only one vote per email address
[14:37] <Tm_T> akgraner: sounds good
[14:37] <maco> akgraner: talk to mdz about the CIVS voting
[14:37] <czajkowski> akgraner: that was the way the CC was created, mark sent a poll out on survey monkey, you could rank people and that was it.
[14:37] <Michelle_Qimo> akgraner: seems reasonable
[14:37] <maco> akgraner: voting for teh DMB and MC and such are done with a ranking method, sending unique links to each person on the teams that are eligible to vote
[14:37] <czajkowski> akgraner: yes
[14:38] <svaksha> condorcet?
[14:38] <czajkowski> maco: akgraner is not daft
[14:38] <akgraner> yep I was going to talk to mdz after he gets back from his conference
[14:38] <czajkowski> adn knows this already and has suggested this
[14:38] <maco> svaksha: yeah that
[14:38] <maco> czajkowski: she's never been involved in one of those votes
[14:38] <akgraner> survey monkey always for that too
[14:39] <hypa7ia> instant runnoff ftw
[14:39] <maco> czajkowski: at least, i dont think she has...
[14:39] <akgraner> ok so we leave all 4 options, and let the team rank them
[14:39] <czajkowski> yes
[14:39] <czajkowski> at least let people chose and decide who couldnt make it here
[14:39] <maco> (er, did the CC vote happen that way? i just know since she's not in ~ubuntu-dev she wouldnt have been voting in DMB or MC elections)
[14:40] <svaksha> akgraner: yes, let them work on it :)
[14:40] <akgraner> so on the 28th I'll send links out
[14:40] <czajkowski> maco: the cc Was created, by a survey monkey being sent out to people who were reg on lp who had an ubuntu address.
[14:40] <akgraner> that will give one week to get those in LP who aren't
[14:40] <akgraner> and want to be
[14:41] <akgraner> then one week for the voting to be open
[14:41] <akgraner> does that seem ok with everyone?
[14:41] <IdleOne> yup
[14:41] <svaksha> akgraner: people are still joining the lp team. when should we close that to avoid ballot stuffing
[14:41] <Pendulum> I think we close it when the vote goes out
[14:41] <hypa7ia> i'm not really comfortable with a bunch of folks not in the IRC channel to get to determine how the IRC channel will be run
[14:41] <Pendulum> so on the 28th
[14:41] * hypa7ia grammarfails, but the point is there
[14:42] <Tm_T> hypa7ia: seems bit strange, yes
[14:42] <akgraner> hypa7ia, but it is a team tool
[14:42] * gnomefreak76 is now known as gnomefreak
[14:42] <maco> hypa7ia: there are people who are not usually here but show up occasionally and are more active on forums/mailing list
[14:42] <czajkowski> hypa7ia: well I eman there are others not here that are usually here
[14:42] <czajkowski> e
[14:42] <czajkowski> *mean
[14:42] <hypa7ia> right, and i understand how option #3 seeks to address that
[14:42] <Pendulum> and people who really can't make meetings due to timing
[14:43] <svaksha> hypa7ia: there are forums folk and list folks and its (irc) just another tool for UW
[14:43] <maco> yeah the aussies seem to have issues with our timing :P
[14:43] <Pendulum> hypa7ia: I think maco meant that more in terms of voting
[14:43] <czajkowski> Pendulum: aye, pleia2 and elky aren't here for example today
[14:43] <svaksha> its not isolated
[14:43] <maco> (and kiwis! please dont hit me for bundling you in with aussies, oh great kiwis!)
[14:43] <svaksha> we are not voting today iirc
[14:43] <hypa7ia> i'm not saying "let's decide this on irc only"
[14:43] <hypa7ia> but more that "folks who don't ever IRC may not get the problems with logging the social channel"
[14:44] * Pip has quit ("It's not my problem.")
[14:44] <Pendulum> and honestly things like what option we pick does impact people who use the forums and mailing lists (since it'll impact their ability to see what goes on in channel and is decided on in channel as well)
[14:44] <Tm_T> Pendulum: good point
[14:44] <czajkowski> pleia2: excellent point
[14:44] <czajkowski> Pendulum: excellent point
[14:44] <hypa7ia> Pendulum: as i said repeatedly, that's why i'm fine with option 3
[14:45] <hypa7ia> i just don't want non-irc users telling us to log everything
[14:45] <hypa7ia> that's what i'm worried about
[14:46] <hypa7ia> which is to say option #4
[14:47] <czajkowski> hmm
[14:47] <Pendulum> do you have a suggestion about how to better inform the non-IRC members? I admit I fail to know what goes on on the forums but the problems with logging everything have been discussed on the list, etc.
[14:47] <czajkowski> Pendulum: aye and this week I've been off IRC, and you have no idea what the team is discussing or what is happening
[14:47] <czajkowski> you are cut off from the team
[14:47] <svaksha> another suggestion: maybe the voting should be kept open and not anon. That way we would have a fair idea if ballot stuffing happens by people who join the LP team only to vote
[14:47] <czajkowski> and I don't think that's fair we seperate our team, by the tool they use to take part in Ubuntu
[14:48] <svaksha> Pendulum: bapoumba is on the list
[14:48] <svaksha> she is a forums admin, fyi
[14:48] <maco> svaksha: thats why i suggested we have a cutoff date for when you can join the team. then if wind of it gets up on digg/reddit/slashdot/assholeville, they cant register and ballot-stuff as itll be too late
[14:49] <maco> i'm also a forums moderator
[14:49] <svaksha> and many other forums admins are on the list
[14:49] <svaksha> :)
[14:49] <popey> our LUG has a clause in the constitution that you can only vote once you have been a member for 1 month or more
[14:49] <hypa7ia> svaksha: i'd be happy with non-anon voting
[14:49] <hypa7ia> czajkowski: irc logs the answer for that WRT the project, but i don't think appropriate for the social channel.
[14:49] <hypa7ia> czajkowski: if we go with a 2-channel solution
[14:50] <Pendulum> maco: has there been any discussion on the forums about IRC logging so that people know both sides to the debate?
[14:50] <maco> Pendulum: no
[14:50] <maco> the UW forum is not very active
[14:50] <hypa7ia> Pendulum: i'm pretty sure there's more than 2 sides here
[14:50] <akgraner> I posted it in the forums but have seen no discussion
[14:50] <hypa7ia> i mean there are 4 options and all :)
[14:50] <Pendulum> s/both/all
[14:50] <czajkowski> hypa7ia: but most of the channel talk in here is a combination of both :(
[14:50] <maco> it gets a couple posts every couple weeks, but mostly posts are announcement posts, and occasionally a response to a very old "introduce yourself!"-type thread
[14:51] <Pendulum> okay
[14:51] <akgraner> ok we have 10 mins - so how did the I post the intent to the list, figure out after I talk to mdz the best system to use for that
[14:51] <akgraner> open voting on the 28th
[14:51] <akgraner> close it on the 4th
[14:51] <akgraner> and we go from there
[14:51] <maco> fine with me
[14:51] <Pendulum> sounds good to me
[14:51] <gchick> sounds good to me
[14:51] <svaksha> akgraner: we also need to define a cutoff date for LP joinees
[14:52] <czajkowski> fine
[14:52] <svaksha> temporarily till voting is open
[14:52] <akgraner> how about the 26th that's 5 days
[14:52] <svaksha> thoughts ?
[14:52] <hypa7ia> czajkowski: and logging will kill the social chatter
[14:52] <hypa7ia> czajkowski: i've seen it before, i say this from experience.
[14:53] <maco> svaksha: yes
[14:53] <czajkowski> akgraner: fine
[14:53] <Pendulum> can we not debate the options right now and if people want to debate they leave it until after the meeting?
[14:53] <akgraner> hypa7ia, that is what I fear, I want people to be able to have the as akk put it "coffee shop" talk
[14:53] <Pendulum> akgraner: makes sense
[14:53] <Pendulum> (err, I meant about the launchpad closing date)
[14:53] <svaksha> akgraner: sounds good. as of 26th 2400utc, UW LP team will remain closed till feb 4 . Is that ok/
[14:53] <svaksha> *ok?
[14:54] <maco> czajkowski: i dont really get that impression. i think sometimes we're talking about ubuntu stuff, yes, but a lot of it is "ugh this guy at work..." or ubuntu stuff that isnt UW related (like "hey, i want to laern to package, will someone mentor me?" but thats rare)
[14:54] <akgraner> svaksha, yep I am fine with that if everyone else is
[14:54] <hypa7ia> maco: and totally not worth logging
[14:54] <maco> hypa7ia: right
[14:54] <hypa7ia> akgraner: i'm fine with what you propose for voting
[14:55] <akgraner> alright we have a plan
[14:55] <maco> and in the cases where someone is asking a beginner technical question they might not want that question immortalized for all eternity
[14:55] <akgraner> so announcements
[14:55] <czajkowski> maco: see you say a lot, hypa7ia  says, 1-2 times a week, so I don;t know any more quite frankly
[14:55] <akgraner> Pendulum, and issyl0 are going to do the UW interview series now
[14:56] <hypa7ia> czajkowski: i was referring to complaints about harassment, which i don't think was what maco meant
[14:56] <maco> czajkowski: i think it varies. i mean, sometimes something's going on where there is a lot of UW-on-topic chatter, last few weeks we've been buzzing about this channel stuff and election stuff
[14:56] <svaksha> akgraner: please mention this (lp closing temporarily) in your mail to the list. we dont want anyone to miss out due to lack of information.
[14:56] <akgraner> svaksha, I will
[14:56] <akgraner> 4 mins
[14:56] <czajkowski> fine
[14:56] <akgraner> so did everyone see that Pendulum and issyl0 will be doing the UW interviews
[14:56] <hypa7ia> yay Pendulum and issyl0 :D
[14:56] <czajkowski> congrats to issyl0 and Pendulum
[14:57] <akgraner> so they will be contacting folks instead of me
[14:57] <czajkowski> also
[14:57] <czajkowski> CONGRATULATIONS TO akgraner ON the leadership
[14:57] <Pendulum> if people have suggestions or want to be interviewed, my info is on my launchpad page and wiki page :)
[14:57] <czajkowski> while we have her in the meeting
[14:57] <akgraner> czajkowski, thanks!
[14:57] <hypa7ia> indeed, congrats :)
[14:57] <akgraner> I'll send out a survey to find out what day and time that is good for recurring meetings
[14:57] <svaksha> akgraner: go!!
[14:58] <maco> czajkowski: hypa7ia's right. im not referring to there being a lot of harassment chatter. theres not. im saying theres lots of offtopic chatter in general
[14:58] <akgraner> but Thursday's seem like the day
[14:58] <hypa7ia> thursdays are good for me on an ongoing basis
[14:58] <svaksha> akgraner: it will be nice to rotate time zones and days of the week
[14:58] <akgraner> everyone ok with bi-monthly meetings
[14:58] <akgraner> just for a couple more months
[14:59] <hypa7ia> bimonthly works for me
[14:59] <hypa7ia> svaksha's probably right about rotating though
[14:59] <akgraner> svaksha, I would love to have rotating time zones
[14:59] <maco> i dont have class thursdays, so theyre great for me
[14:59] <hypa7ia> so she doesn't always have to get up in the middle of the night :)
[14:59] <czajkowski> it was what the poll was chosing ..
[14:59] <akgraner> yep
[14:59] <maco> oh god its like 1am there isnt it svaksha?
[15:00] <akgraner> alright 1 min anything else?
[15:00] <Pendulum> General Ubuntu announcement: I'd like to remind people that Saturday is the first Ubuntu User Day aimed at brand new Ubuntu/Linux users in #ubuntu-classroom. pleia2 and I have been working on this (along with some other learning team people) since UDS. more info can be found at
[15:00] <akgraner> alright nothing else
[15:00] * nigel_nb (i=dce37acd@gateway/web/freenode/x-jfchldyijmznehod) has joined #ubuntu-women
[15:00] <akgraner> Thanks everyone!

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