Ubuntu-Women IRC Meeting December 9, 20:00 UTC 2009

The goal is to keep the meeting to 1 hour but not longer than 90 minutes and try to get through at least one of the blueprint specs. Leadership seems to be the most important issue after that we can schedule meetings (weekly if necessary) to take care of all others items. Then after that fall back to monthly meetings and goals. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Roadmaps/Lucid/UbuntuWomen link to the specs on the Blueprint. It was decided to only include the Objective and the Action items from the list as the other items can be found on the full spec. Names behind each item was assigned at UDS, please know more people can help on each item just let the person who the task has been assigned to know that you are willing to help. Thank you so much and we are looking forward to this meeting as it marks an exciting time in the history of the UW group and making it a growing force of diversity within the Ubuntu Community. Please be part of this growing change.


== Agenda ==

ITEMS (./) were discussed. Notes forthcoming (akgraner)

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