Ubuntu-Women IRC Meeting February 11th 15:00 UTC 2007

Meeting began with the usual introductions, attendees were: dinda, pleia2, ubuntu_newgal, bapoumba, Susana, NurseGirl

dinda began the meeting asking if anyone was going to UbuCon which is being held in NYC on Friday February 16th.

Numbers of women in FLOSS were discussed.

ubuntu_newgal asked about how she could get involved with Ubuntu

dinda is thinking of trying to build something about Women in FLOSS/Ubuntu-Women for Ubuntu Live in July

bapoumba brought up the U-W forums.

pleia2 brought up the need for Administrative access to the website

It was decided that the next meeting will be held on Sunday February 25th at 15:00 UTC - this is the same time as this Feb 11th meeting, please email the mailing list if you have other meeting time suggestions.

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