Ubuntu-Women IRC Meeting January 11th-12th 2007

This first meeting was a bit of a meet-and-greet with other women using Ubuntu. We are excited to report several women new to the channel dropped by!

As such, much of the conversation was getting to know each other and discussing ways in which we use Ubuntu

Session 1: 15:00 UTC, January 11th

This session was quite an international one! We had people from: Philippines, Portugal, United States, France, Canada, India

Topics discussed:

dinda (who spearheaded the organization of these meetings) joined the discussion around 16:00 and began working to direct conversation. She began with a quick statement detailing the point of this meeting (and others to come):

"Basically we're trying to get this group a few projects so we can start to help with the greater community"

Session 2: 3:00 UTC, January 11th

Many of the attendees at this meeting were from the United State (Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Texas, Colorado) but also included a woman from the Philippines and another from Australia


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