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Nov 13 12:50:53 <belkinsa> Please note that this session will be done ONLY in IRC.
Nov 13 12:51:38 <belkinsa> Pad notes here:
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Nov 13 12:52:57 <belkinsa> Please note that this session will be done ONLY in IRC.
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Nov 13 12:56:32 <belkinsa> Pad notes here:
Nov 13 12:56:33 <belkinsa> Please note that this session will be done ONLY in IRC.
Nov 13 12:56:42 <belkinsa> Sorry, just doing it for the newcomers
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Nov 13 12:58:20 <belkinsa> belkinsa_ is the nick I'm using as I can see the notes
Nov 13 12:59:15 <belkinsa_> Okay, we will start in a minute
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Nov 13 12:59:43 <belkinsa> Pad notes here:
Nov 13 12:59:44 <belkinsa> Sorry, just doing it for the newcomers
Nov 13 12:59:47 <belkinsa> Sorry, just doing it for the newcomers
Nov 13 12:59:52 <belkinsa> Please note that this session will be done ONLY in IRC.
Nov 13 13:00:02 <belkinsa> Sorry, ^^^ that's what I meant and we starting
Nov 13 13:00:16 <belkinsa_> Who is all for the Ubuntu Women Vivid Goals session?
Nov 13 13:00:51 * peterm-u_ has quit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
Nov 13 13:01:09 <belkinsa_> Alright.
Nov 13 13:01:34 <belkinsa_> We will start with popey's item that he wanted to talk about.
Nov 13 13:01:42 * belkinsa_ turns the mic to popey
Nov 13 13:02:29 <popey> Heya!
Nov 13 13:02:45 * belkinsa_ has quit (Client Quit)
Nov 13 13:03:01 <popey> So for those that don't know I'm Alan Pope, and I work for Canonical on apps for the upcoming Ubuntu phone
Nov 13 13:03:27 <popey> We have a community of people creating apps for the phone including music, calendar, clock, calculator, weather, rss reader, note taking app and so on...
Nov 13 13:03:38 <popey> however so far all the developers we have are guys.
Nov 13 13:04:07 * jose (jose@ubuntu/member/jose) has joined #ubuntu-uds-community-1
Nov 13 13:04:09 * belkinsa_ (621ceeeb@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ has joined #ubuntu-uds-community-1
Nov 13 13:04:10 <popey> We do have some women who have contributed - namely Carla has done some awesome work on the QA side
Nov 13 13:04:21 <popey> so we have a lot of autopilot test coverage thanks to her.
Nov 13 13:04:37 <popey> I'd like to improve our diversity of developers in core apps.
Nov 13 13:04:55 <popey> Wanted to know from the experts what I should be doing to achieve that?
Nov 13 13:05:02 <popey> Specific things I should or should not be doing.
Nov 13 13:05:10 <popey> Groups to reach out to, etc.
Nov 13 13:05:56 <belkinsa> We do have developers in Ubuntu Women but it seems that they are softspoken in the group.
Nov 13 13:07:06 <belkinsa> But maybe we can get more women into helping the Ubuntu Phone/Tablet project just as Carla has.
Nov 13 13:08:16 <belkinsa> I don't have any ideas on what we can do but I think we can ask Carla to help us.
Nov 13 13:09:05 <belkinsa> I don't know if she is subscribed to the list but I can CC the e-mail that will be sent to the mailing-list
Nov 13 13:09:21 <Pendulum> We do get job notifications on the mailing list sometimes. It's worth putting out a general call/reminder because I'm not sure that everyone who is on the list actually looks for updates
Nov 13 13:10:16 <Pendulum> *website updates
Nov 13 13:10:32 * sialamuchaa (4fb9f408@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ has joined #ubuntu-uds-community-1
Nov 13 13:10:42 <popey> Hm, I do like the idea of inviting via the mailing list..
Nov 13 13:10:48 <akk> I don't generally see many calls for developers to get involved, so just asking might be a start.
Nov 13 13:10:51 <Pendulum> It seems to me like we need a list of resources for this sort of thing, either projects that are specifically looking for more women or a list of resources for recruiting more women.
Nov 13 13:11:09 <belkinsa_> I like that idea
Nov 13 13:11:30 <popey> If I craft a mail, can I ask someone to proof read it for me before it goes to the list.
Nov 13 13:11:45 <Pendulum> If we make a decision on which list we'd rather do, I can take the lead on researching/compiling the list
Nov 13 13:11:47 <popey> I am not subscribed to the list, do I need to, or will a moderator let it through?
Nov 13 13:11:49 <belkinsa_> Sure, I'm welcome to help
Nov 13 13:11:54 <Pendulum> popey: feel free to send it to me.
Nov 13 13:12:00 <popey> \o/
Nov 13 13:12:01 <akk> For phone projects specifically, it would help to make it clear how to get involved -- like, is the hardware available, how much is it etc.
Nov 13 13:12:03 <Pendulum> A mod should let it through :)
Nov 13 13:12:07 <popey> There's a work item right there
Nov 13 13:12:21 <popey> ok.
Nov 13 13:13:46 <belkinsa_> popey, item added
Nov 13 13:13:59 <popey> \o/ thanks
Nov 13 13:14:01 <popey> that was all I had
Nov 13 13:14:17 * thomi (~quassel@ubuntu/member/thomi) has joined #ubuntu-uds-community-1
Nov 13 13:14:25 <Pendulum> For those who aren't in the etherpad, I gave myself an action to work on a resource list
Nov 13 13:14:40 <belkinsa_> Thanks popey and this is a great project that UW can do
Nov 13 13:15:45 <belkinsa_> Our next topic is the Orientation Quiz
Nov 13 13:15:50 <belkinsa_>
Nov 13 13:15:50 <belkinsa_>     Working version of martix:
Nov 13 13:16:52 <belkinsa_> The matrix has grown from the basic one and I think this one is needed since there many paths for different people.
Nov 13 13:17:15 <belkinsa_> I think we need to keep on tweak it now
Nov 13 13:20:48 <belkinsa> [13:17] <akk> Does anybody else see "Orientation Quiz" and think "Why do they care about my sexual orientation?"
Nov 13 13:20:48 <belkinsa> [13:17] <akk> I have to remind myself every time that they mean something else.
Nov 13 13:20:48 <belkinsa> [13:18] <belkinsa> Maybe it's the wrong name for it for sure
Nov 13 13:20:48 <belkinsa> [13:20] <akk> "quiz" is wrong too, I think it's meant to be a questionnaire?
Nov 13 13:20:48 <belkinsa> [13:20] <akk> not something to test yourself on
Nov 13 13:21:12 <belkinsa_> I do think Questionnaire might might be a better name.
Nov 13 13:21:19 * AlanB (d9245c46@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ has joined #ubuntu-uds-community-1
Nov 13 13:22:55 <Pendulum> I think "Questionnaire" works better. We do need to make sure it's clear that it's purely for the user to gain ideas and that the info isn't anything that is being collected, nor is it required to do
Nov 13 13:23:07 * belkinsa_ nods
Nov 13 13:23:36 <belkinsa_> I can take the action item for reaming it
Nov 13 13:24:17 <akk> I just tried the quiz/questionnaire, and it shunts me straight into documentation
Nov 13 13:24:26 <akk> never asking whether I'm a developer
Nov 13 13:24:40 <belkinsa_> With a differnt martix (a working one):
Nov 13 13:24:59 <belkinsa_> But we do need that question in that one
Nov 13 13:25:06 * AlanB has quit (Client Quit)
Nov 13 13:25:33 * cwallin has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
Nov 13 13:26:25 <belkinsa_> Who wants to take that item?  I can do it if no one wants it?
Nov 13 13:28:13 * czajkowski (~cypher@ubuntu/member/czajkowski) has joined #ubuntu-uds-community-1
Nov 13 13:28:14 * belkinsa_ takes it
Nov 13 13:28:45 <belkinsa_> And added it and the rename one also
Nov 13 13:29:27 <belkinsa_> Okay, anything else?
Nov 13 13:31:13 <belkinsa_> Okay, is it safe to move on?
Nov 13 13:32:30 <belkinsa_> Okay, the next topic is:
Nov 13 13:32:30 <belkinsa_> Project Harvest
Nov 13 13:32:31 <belkinsa_>
Nov 13 13:32:31 <belkinsa_>     Svetlana Belkin (belkinsa) is still working on getting a bug sprint for the bugs (
Nov 13 13:32:31 <belkinsa_>     Getting a date and a time for the sprint can be done during the session
Nov 13 13:32:31 <belkinsa_>     I brought up Harvest in this session:
Nov 13 13:33:24 * sercan (b0213c6f@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ has joined #ubuntu-uds-community-1
Nov 13 13:33:26 <belkinsa_> As I said, lets try to get a date and time in the session for the sprint, if possible
Nov 13 13:33:47 <belkinsa_> Or a range of times and dates
Nov 13 13:33:52 <belkinsa_> At least
Nov 13 13:35:40 * sercan (b0213c6f@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ has left #ubuntu-uds-community-1
Nov 13 13:35:54 <belkinsa_> Guys?  Are you there?
Nov 13 13:36:09 <Pendulum> what is the sprint actually for? just testing or fixing? or both?
Nov 13 13:37:01 <belkinsa_> I think testing them to see if they are still worthwhile to fix.  Then later on we can find the developers as in Phase 2 to get the fixed as another sprint.
Nov 13 13:37:37 <belkinsa_> No, testing for sure.
Nov 13 13:38:05 * rikerw has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
Nov 13 13:39:00 <belkinsa_> I guess this maybe better do it via mailing-list since we have more there than here
Nov 13 13:39:08 <Pendulum> I think mailing list is good.
Nov 13 13:39:20 <belkinsa_> Okay, I will take that item.
Nov 13 13:39:29 <Mikaela> there are also some who are here, but not at mailing list
Nov 13 13:40:31 <Pendulum> Also, it's worth asking other projects who do sprints if they have any advice on when is good. For example, in my mind it would be hard to get people to show up between now and January, but that could be wrong.
Nov 13 13:41:03 <belkinsa_> No, Pendulum, you are right.  So, I think we can aim for Feb.
Nov 13 13:41:52 <Pendulum> Late January/early Feb is definitely a time that's quiet for most people
Nov 13 13:42:17 <belkinsa_> So late Feb and on will work?
Nov 13 13:43:20 <Pendulum> I know most other Ubuntu groups that do sprints are more tied into specific times in the release cycle, but they still may have ideas for what time of year (or time of month) tends to be the most successful
Nov 13 13:43:31 <Pendulum> I think late January and on will work.
Nov 13 13:44:10 <belkinsa_> Okay, thanks
Nov 13 13:45:06 <belkinsa_> I might need to look in what others are doing in terms of sprints then
Nov 13 13:46:26 <belkinsa_> We have 10 minutes left and one topic left.  Should we move on?
Nov 13 13:46:34 <Pendulum> IMO, when you go to the UW mailing list, give a little bit of a deadline for when you need feedback by. Once you're past that date, pull the replies together and if there isn't a clear best weekend/set of days, just pick one that looks like it works in general.
Nov 13 13:46:38 <Pendulum> now I'm done :)
Nov 13 13:46:40 <dholbach> dpm, mhall119, popey, balloons: who does which session?
Nov 13 13:46:53 <dholbach> I'm asking because of the community q&a
Nov 13 13:47:05 <balloons> dholbach, I'm in app-dev now
Nov 13 13:47:08 <balloons> well, in 10 mins
Nov 13 13:47:12 <mhall119> I was going to be in the community Q&A
Nov 13 13:47:17 <belkinsa_> Alright, I will keep that in mine
Nov 13 13:47:19 <belkinsa_> mind*
Nov 13 13:47:39 <dholbach> mhall119, can the MATE and Lubuntu folks create their own hangouts, etc.?
Nov 13 13:47:41 <mhall119> I'd imagine popey wants to be in the MAte session
Nov 13 13:47:41 <belkinsa_> It's clearly something that I need to do
Nov 13 13:47:45 <dholbach> if not, I'd be happy to host for them
Nov 13 13:47:50 <dpm> yeah, I was planning to be at the Q&A too if someone can run the other community track hangouts
Nov 13 13:47:57 <mhall119> dholbach: we're not stopping them, if they have their google accounts setup to do it
Nov 13 13:47:58 <belkinsa_> I think the Lubuntu folks have created it already
Nov 13 13:48:07 <dpm> oh awesome
Nov 13 13:48:09 <belkinsa_> Anyways...
Nov 13 13:48:16 <dholbach> in that case: rock and roll
Nov 13 13:48:37 <belkinsa_> I think maybe a random idea for a another project, but we may too many on hand at the moment
Nov 13 13:48:38 <belkinsa_> Some Collaboration Project between UW and Ubuntu Scientists
Nov 13 13:48:38 <belkinsa_>
Nov 13 13:48:38 <belkinsa_>
Nov 13 13:49:21 <dholbach> I'll let people know about the Q&A on the social media channels
Nov 13 13:49:21 <belkinsa_> I think this should be for the next cycle in order for us to finish the other two projects.
Nov 13 13:49:57 -udsbotu/#ubuntu-uds-community-1- 5 minutes left in this session!
Nov 13 13:50:15 <belkinsa_> How does that sound to everyone?
Nov 13 13:50:46 <belkinsa_> This the blueprint for this cycle as I forgotten to post the link:
Nov 13 13:51:01 <Pendulum> I think putting that off is probably good. Harvest & the questionnaire are still big projects to be worked on
Nov 13 13:51:12 -udsbotu/#ubuntu-uds-community-1- 4 minutes left in this session!
Nov 13 13:51:35 <belkinsa_> And it will give me time to think on what to do with the other team, when I get them going again
Nov 13 13:52:02 -udsbotu/#ubuntu-uds-community-1- 3 minutes left in this session!
Nov 13 13:52:03 <Pendulum> I think it also may need more definition when it's next presented, but if it works successfully it might be something that can then also be done with projects looking for more women in the future
Nov 13 13:52:17 * belkinsa_ nods
Nov 13 13:53:02 -udsbotu/#ubuntu-uds-community-1- 2 minutes left in this session!
Nov 13 13:53:18 <belkinsa_> Okay, as we are running out of time.  I thank you for everyone for joining and having a successful session.
Nov 13 13:53:28 <dholbach> dpm, mhall119: anyone of you creating the hangout?
Nov 13 13:53:42 <belkinsa_> And understanding that we did it viaIRC.
Nov 13 13:54:02 -udsbotu/#ubuntu-uds-community-1- 1 minute left in this session!
Nov 13 13:54:05 * valorie (zimmerman@amarok/team/valorie) has joined #ubuntu-uds-community-1
Nov 13 13:54:14 <mhall119> dholbach: I'm creating the one in -users-1
Nov 13 13:54:21 <dholbach> rock on
Nov 13 13:55:02 -udsbotu/#ubuntu-uds-community-1- This session has ended.

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