The Ubuntu Women Project has two (2) IRC channels on that we recommend you joining - #ubuntu-women and #ubuntu-women-project

For more information about these channels, the rationale behind the decision to separate and some of the core reasons for maintaining IRC channels for the project, please see our IrcPurpose page.


This channel is for the discussion of all non-project related topics: social discussions and topics that participants/team members are more comfortable discussing in an unlogged channel. Please note this channel is NOT logged.


This channel provides support to anyone that needs to discuss mentoring, volunteering, or any other issues related to the Ubuntu Women project and involvement in Ubuntu in general. Social chat is discouraged in this channel as it is intended to focus on the concrete work of the project. Please note that this IS logged, logs can be found at If you are not comfortable with chat in a logged channel please join #ubuntu-women if you haven't already.

Channel Guidelines

Keeping a pleasant atmosphere in #ubuntu-women and #ubuntu-women-project has been possible with the continuous efforts of the friendly operators who adhere to a certain set of unwritten rules.

These channels have experienced some negative behavior, hence the need for these guidelines for participants and operators. For people wondering about what is allowed and what is not these IRC Channels this page should be a good start. The following are the guidelines that apply to BOTH channels at ALL times.

The Code of Conduct should always be obeyed

English, please

Language and Subject

On Topic

Don't flood the channel

Don't use public away messages

Don't repeat your question every few minutes

Don't be annoying

No Harmful "Humor"

Don't private message people you don't know

When helping: be helpful

The operators in #ubuntu-women are active contributors to Ubuntu-Women and the Ubuntu community. They do their best to keep #ubuntu-women a friendly place, but they're also human so they make mistakes. If you disagree with the decision of an operator, then talk to him/her about it in a polite manner. Cursing and swearing will not help, so please don't do that. If talking to the operator personally does not give you a solution you like, then talk to another operator. If neither helps, join #ubuntu-ops and explain the situation. You should make full, unedited logs available of anything you don't agree with.

General Etiquette

Just as important as knowing how to use the software is using how to properly act in IRC channels. This is a list of tips for easing into IRC without upseting anyone with unintentionally rude behavior, this is not specific to the Ubuntu-Women channel.

Finally, as with any forum where you interact with others, be nice and try not to stir up trouble.

Operator Guidelines

These have been moved to a separate page at IRCOpGuidelines.


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