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Local chapters for women located in different parts of the world to co-ordinate and widen the circle of UW.

Ubuntu Women IRC Meet-up

UW web page

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International Women's Day Activities

this event has passed for 2007 but we'd like to keep notes in mind for the next one

International Women's Day in March 8, and we have two major projects for that week

Ideas for the Encouragement Toolkit

Cultural Exchange Series

I would like to propose a series of IRC session led by different folks from the various countries where Ubuntu members live. The idea came from a discussion in LinuxChix where someone wanted to know how easy/difficult it would be for a US citizen to live/work in either New Zealand or Australia for a season. I am hoping that volunteers who are citizens or recent immigrants would lead a question and answer session about their country. I will provide a list of suggested questions but would like to leave plenty of time for questions from those in attendance. These session will take place in the #ubuntu-women channel on freenode, the first Thursday of the month. Please add your name to the list if you would like to lead a session. If you are the leader you get to set the time most convenient for you.


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September 4, 2008




October 2, 2008


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