Frequently Asked Questions

What will the Ubuntu Women project accomplish?

The Ubuntu Women project wants to work specifically at encouraging more female participation in Ubuntu. People are much more likely to try something new, or to do more of it, if they are welcomed, valued and supported in gaining essential information and skills. Most importantly, we encourage women and gender diverse peoples to participate more in an area which according to a few reports currently comprises less than 3% female volunteers. Compared with other activities, Free Software is missing out and we want more women to actively contribute to Ubuntu.

For more specific goals each cycle, please visit our RoadMap page.

Where do I find the meaning of difficult terms used by Ubuntu women?

Please take a look at the BasicConcepts page for more information.

Isn't Ubuntu Women sexist, exclusive and separatist?

First of all take a look at the basic concepts sub-section. If you want to say that Ubuntu Women is about gender discrimination or misandry, then Ubuntu Women is not about segregation of women, rather its goal is to integrate women as equals within the mainstream development going on in the Ubuntu world. Remember, membership is open to all and not based on gender or biological sex. If you want to increase diversity and encourage women and gender diverse people in GNU/Linux please don't hesitate to speak to us. If Ubuntu Women is limiting your participation in the wider Ubuntu community, then the purpose of the project is diminished. We hope to help you try new things in the community, expand your activities and do things you may not have done before, which is our mission!

How can I contribute to Ubuntu / Ubuntu Women?

This page should get you started. Additionally, if you have any ideas or suggestions, please don't hesitate to share them with us on our mailing list. If you want to translate the Ubuntu Women website, feel free to use our Wiki pages which has been specially set-up for this purpose. Opportunities to contribute will come up every few months on our mailing list, for updates on current projects please visit our archives or ask in one of our communication forums.

If you wish to add your blog to Planet Ubuntu Women, write to Elizabeth Krumbach at lyz AT

How can I edit a wiki page?

There is a guide in the Ubuntu Women Wiki. You may need to read HelpForUsers for what you need or HelpOnEditing, if you need help on just editing.

The wiki has a built in @ SIG @ (without spaces between the @'s) syntax that automatically expands when you save (not preview) the page to include your nickname and date, you don't need to do any of it manually.

So when you add a comment, just type exactly this: @ SIG @ (without spaces between the @'s)

How can I join the Mentoring project?

More information is available on the Mentoring page.

Does Ubuntu Women have a policy?

Yes, besides the Ubuntu CoC, just being polite and helpful usually works wonders! Here are some additional technical guidelines being followed across other Ubuntu mailing lists and IRC guidelines for the #ubuntu-women and #ubuntu-women-project channels.

You can discuss Ubuntu related projects, volunteer activity, your ideas, collaboration work with other teams, etc.. here. It is not our intent to replace other technical IRC channels or mailing lists.

I encountered rude behaviour at Ubuntu Women

If you have encountered abusive behaviour, please feel free to report it to the appropriate people referenced on our Contacts page.

Please remember that admins (IRC channels and lists) cannot monitor private conversations and hence it will not be easy to find a solution in such cases.

Where do I find more information on women's issues in the FOSS world?

You can start at this page.

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