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The Ubuntu Women Month of Making

This competition has come to an end, see below for submissions and winners!

Do you make things? The Ubuntu Women team is running a competition to find outstanding projects made by women and connected in some way to Ubuntu. Write about what you have done (with pictures) and email your entry to and we will publish it on the Ubuntu Women team blog. We will take a fairly broad interpretation of "making things" they could be physical things or more abstract, and we will accept fairly tenuous links to Ubuntu. The deadline for submissions was Friday, October 14th. Some examples of what you might make would include


We are looking for stuff created by women. Collaboration is allowed; we won't enforce strict exam conditions, but it should be something that you can in good conscience call your own work. The maker should submit her own work.


The following have been received by and published:


All the women who participated in this competition had impressive entries received a free O'Reilly ebook!

A vote was held to pick two submissions to receive a subscription to Ubuntu User Magazine, and those winners are:

Congratulations Stefanie and Maile!


Yes, we have prizes from sponsors for contestants!


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