IRC Channel Op Course by ElizabethBevilacqua (pleia2)

This course is designed for people who are reasonably familiar with IRC and wish to someday apply for Channel Op positions in #*ubuntu* channels (including #Ubuntu-Women). For a more general overview of IRC please visit our Introduction to IRC Course

What is a channel Op?

Channel Operators are people within the channel who "keep the peace." In most cases they have the power to remove people from channel, ban people from the channel, change the channel topic and control some of the channel access.

This is not a social status position, it is a responsibility.

How do I become an Op?

The following ways are the most common ways to become a channel Op:

Volunteering for an Op position when the current Ops are not requesting volunteers is very bad form and will generally cause you to never be considered for a position. Never join a channel and ask for Ops!

Experience with the tools Ops use, good standing in the community and helpful, positive, daily participation in channel are all things that may qualify you for consideration as an Op if the channel requires them.

Op documentation

Documentation has been crafted by the Ubuntu IRC Team and can be found on their wiki page IrcTeam - Ubuntu Wiki

While the Ubuntu IRC Team does not have full control over all Ubuntu-related channels (there are hundreds on FreeNode) except in extreme cases where a FreeNode staffer becomes involved, these are solid rules that official Ubuntu channels like #Ubuntu-Women follow.

For our purposes the most important sections of this document are:

You may also want to read other sections of their wiki to get an idea of how the IRC Team works and what other resources are available

The channel you are an Op in might also have their own rules and guidelines, the guidelines for #Ubuntu-Women can be found here: #Ubuntu-Women IRC Guidelines


These are outlined in the above documents, but I repeat them here as a quick reference.

Chanserv Chanserv is an IRC Service that handles access on registered channels

Nickserv Nickserv is an IRC Service that handles registered nicknames

Topic To change the channel topic

Remove A command on FreeNode for removing users from a channel

Mute (+q) A channel mode to block message from a specific user from coming to the channel

Ban Prevents a user from rejoining the channel

Writing good Bans and Mutes

Learning to set bans that will actually keep an offender out of a channel is an important skill. Most clients have a /ban command that will ban a user based on what it thinks are good parameters, but this is not always sufficient. The following are some tips for well-formed bans.

This is just a general overview of banning, and it can get tricky when a user changes their information considerably and often. In these cases you may want to report the frequent "ban evasion" to #ubuntu-ops and have FreeNode staffers handle the situation, since ban evasion of well-formed bans is very much frowned upon.

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