Introduction to IRC Course by ElizabethBevilacqua (pleia2)

What is IRC?

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. It is a chat protocol used by thousands of people all over the world to communicate in real time. You use your "IRC Client" to connect to an "IRC Server" that others have also connected to. From there you join channels (like chat rooms) that interest you and give you the chance to talk to others that share your interests.

How will learning to use IRC help me get more involved with Ubuntu?

Because IRC is real time, it is a popular tool for FLOSS developers and users to exchange thoughts and ideas, provide help, and have meetings.

As with most of the FLOSS world, there aren't many women using IRC. This tutorial seeks to get more women interested in and comfortable with using IRC.

Choosing a Client

This course includes tutorials on XChat the most popular GUI client for Linux and irssi, the most popular text-based client for Linux.



You probably want to read one of these before moving on to learning general commands.

General IRC Commands

The following tips and tricks are not specifically related to any client.

Registering your nickname


Joining and Parting

Sending Private Messages - This can be done by sending the following command:

There are many more commands available in IRC, see links in the "Helpful Links" section for more.


Just as important as knowing how to use the software is knowing how to properly act in IRC channels. This is a list of tips for easing into IRC without upseting anyone with unintentionally rude behavior.

Finally, as with any forum where you interact with others, be nice and try not to stir up trouble.

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