Clarifications on Basic Terminology and Related Recommendations

* Sex

* Gender

* Gender Identity

Gender Diverse People

What is Sexism?

context of an unequal and discriminatory society. The term can be traced back to second wave feminist discourse .

sexual features. Apparently most of these usages have been by extremist groups.

discrimination against <person/person category>" if that corresponds to your intended meaning.

gender categories including trans men, "sexual discrimination" should be used.

Some references for the above are:

* Sexism in Feminist Perspective.

* Definition at Feminism101.

* Shakesville.

* Literature-1.

* Academic Overview.

* Objectification.

* Trans Misogyny.

* Sexism at EverydayFeminism.Com.

Do instances of misandry with sexual overtones amount to sexism?

What is the difference between gender and sexual discrimination?

sexual features when the context under consideration does not call for consideration of any of those classes of features. So it can go far beyond "biological sex". An example of sexual discrimination is:

Can an employer who believes that 'genders exist on a continuum' indulge in gender discrimination?

towards a tolerant position. But the person may still be prejudiced against parts of the gender continuum.

How can we be inclusive of all genders if "genders exist on a continuum"?

How to use Gender-nondiscriminatory and non-sexist language?

Further Reading

* Introduction


* Epicene.

* Nonsexist Language.

Lighter overview of key aspects of gender neutral English

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