I live in Vancouver, Canada and have a Computer Science background. I have worked as a programmer for most of the past decade, lately specializing in Java and XML. For right now, I am a stay-at-home mom. I live in a cohousing community and support a shared computer running Linux. The distro is Suse and I am getting up my nerve to switch to Ubuntu, but cannot quite face changing my users' environment just yet. Since the release of Dapper Drake, I run Ubuntu on my Linux box at home.

I have always used Unix or Linux as my programming environment. A year ago I purchased an iMac and have been trying to fall in love with that culture, but nothing so far. Nice screen, though. Ubuntu's growth took me by surprise. The enthusiasm of the user community here impresses me so much that I want to join in and help out. I believe that Ubuntu has the mix of user participation and commercial support that will finally create a viable Linux for the home market.

My other (computer-related) interests are OpenOffice and the ODF, Apache Axis, and anything in Google Labs. I plan to work on formal Linux certification. I have some major gaps in my System Administration knowledge, but hope to improve that by working toward certification.

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